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Clean, renewable
energy is
growing fast


Together, U.S. solar and wind power have quintupled in the last decade.1


We have a clear, feasible roadmap to get to a 100% clean, renewable energy future by 2050.2

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Public support is
at an all-time high


7 out of 10 Americans think clean energy should be a “high” or “very high” political priority.3


85% of voters support requiring their utilities to produce 100% of their electricity from clean, renewable sources by 2050.4

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role to play

Everyday people are
rising to the challenge


Every 90 seconds, another U.S. household installs solar.5


If just six behaviors each hit a 10% adoption level among Americans, we’d be 3/4 of the way toward meeting our Paris Agreement goal.6

  1. Purchase an electric car
  2. Install solar/ use green energy
  3. Eat a plant-rich diet
  4. Reduce food waste
  5. Reduce air travel
  6. Use carbon offsets
Now Get Off The Couch
We’ve got the solutions and the
momentum to get to 100% clean energy—
and you have a role to play.
We’ve got the solutions and the momentum to get to 100% clean energy—and you have a role to play.

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